Pres.Trump Nominates CEO of AccuWeather to Lead NOAA

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As reported by One America News Network.

AccuWeather CEO Barry Myers received a nomination to fill the lead role of the NOAA by President Trump. (Photo/Twitter/PHL TODAY)

October 12, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump nominates the head of a leading weather forecasting company to run NOAA.

AccuWeather CEO Barry Myers was nominated for the position Tuesday.

The White House has praised Myers for helping grow AccuWeather into one of the world’s leading authorities for weather information.

As under secretary, Myers will lead programs that research the nations weather forecasts to ultimately prepare citizens for natural disasters, including hurricanes.

This nomination comes days after EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced the agency will roll-back former President Obama’s clean power plan, which is a regulation intended to cut down on green house gases.

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