Papua New Guinea to Begin Evicting Asylum Seekers From Center

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In this Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 image supplied by Hass Hassaballa, asylum seekers sit on the ground as they refuse to leave the Manus Island detention center in Papua New Guinea. An Australian minister on Friday, Nov. 10 predicted a conflict between Papua New Guinea police and hundreds of asylum seekers who have refused to leave a decommissioned immigration camp where many hold out hope of resettling in the United States. (Hass Hassaballa via AP)

November 13, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Papua New Guinea is planning to evict more than 400 refugees who refuse to leave an offshore detention center on Manus Island.

The ultimatum issued Sunday gives refugees one day to voluntarily leave the Australian facility or be forcibly removed.

Sources say about 450 men have barricaded themselves into the center and have been living without food, water, and power for over 13 days.

The U.N. has allegedly warned the stand-off is a “looming humanitarian crisis.”

The men — who have refused to move to three transit centers — come from war-torn countries including Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Syria.

Officials insist the transit centers are safe, and refugees would be offered the same level of care.