Pres. Trump Promotes Economic Potential of Tax Bill, Says Support is ‘Great’

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President Donald Trump (Photo / AP)

November 27, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump gives an update on the Republicans progress to pass tax reform as he promotes it’s economic potential.

In a tweet Monday, the president said tax cut legislation is “coming along very well,” and indicated that most Republicans are behind the bill.

The president also remarked that the bill is only a few tweaks away from making more savings a reality for the middle class and businesses.

He noted that the bill will make it easier for job creators to reduce the effects of “double taxation.”

The president will visit Capitol Hill on Tuesday as the Senate Budget Committee is expected to take up the bill.

Meanwhile, the RNC chairwoman is pushing senate Republicans to vote in favor of the GOP tax bill, saying the stock market could take a huge hit if it does not pass.

Ronna Romney McDaniel said all Republicans owe it to the American people to get tax reform passed during an interview on Sunday.

She said record highs on Wall Street could plummet if individual and corporate tax cuts are not enforced.

Despite a few Senate Republicans voicing concerns about the bill, she said she is hopeful the Senate has enough votes to pass tax reform before the end of the year.