Russian Deputy FM: N. Korea Ready to Freeze Nuclear Program

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Lee Do-hoon (L), South Korea’s top envoy on North Korean nuclear issues, shakes hands with his Russian counterpart, Igor Morgulov, before their meeting at the South Korean foreign ministry headquarters in Seoul on Nov. 27, 2017. (Photo/Yonhap News)

November 27, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Russia’s deputy foreign minister suggests North Korea is ready to freeze its nuclear program in exchange for diplomatic concessions from the U.S.

Deputy Minister Igor Morgulov met with his South Korean counterpart in Seoul Monday.

He cited North Korea’s restraint from nuclear activities in the past two months as a signal it’s willing to freeze its nuclear actions.

The two leaders also discussed a proposed free-trade zone between a Russia-led trade bloc and South Korea.

This comes after comments from President Trump earlier this month, saying China supports the U.S.’s position that North Korea must unconditionally abandon its nuclear program.