Elijah Cummings says there’s a ‘double standard’ between political parties on sexual harassment

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Rep. Elijah Cummings said Friday that there’s seems to be a “double standard” when it comes to sexual harassment between Democrats and Republicans.

“While you have the Republicans talking — Republicans with a president who brags about groping women — 14 of them, I think, have come already to say he’s done that,” Mr. Cummings, Maryland Democrat, said on CNN.

“And now the Republican National Committee promoting Roy Moore down there in Alabama, so we’ve got work to do,” he added.

Sen. Al Franken, Minnesota Democrat, announced his plans to resign on Thursday after several women have come forward to say he groped or forcibly kissed them. Democratic lawmakers, particularly women, urged Mr. Franken to resign earlier this week releasing statements in a seemingly coordinated effort to show intolerance for harassment.

Mr. Moore, a Senate candidate in Alabama, has also been accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls back when he was working as a district attorney in the state. He has refused to step aside, and after initially withdrawing support, the RNC has contributed resources to his campaign. President Trump has also endorsed him.

But with the growing narrative on sexual harassment, claims against Mr. Trump have also resurfaced.

During the campaign, multiple women came forward to say he had acted inappropriately with them. Those claims did not deter Mr. Trump’s election victory, however, and he has also denied them.