Kellyanne Conway ‘surprised’ Democrats haven’t put many resources in Alabama

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Kellyanne Conway said Monday that Democrats haven’t put much effort into the Alabama Senate race despite the national attention the race has attracted.

“I’m just surprised that the Democrats haven’t had more of a footprint in Alabama. I think if they had polling showing Doug Jones ahead, they’d be crowing about it and feeding the media,” Mrs. Conway, counselor to the president, said on Fox News.

Mr. Jones, the Democratic candidate, has polled higher than most Democratic candidates in the deep-red state, and has even led some polls, but by small margins. The scandal surrounding Republican candidate Roy Moore has given Democrats some optimism about winning that seat in Tuesday’s special election.

Mr. Moore was accused of sexual misconduct by several women. They claim he pursued them as teens while he was an adult man in his 30s, but he has denied the decades-old accusations.

Mrs. Conway said Mr. Jones hasn’t polled higher because people are happy with the overall direction of the country under President Trump’s leadership.

“You can’t argue with the facts and the figures that motivate people to go to the polls,” she said.