Kirstjen Nielsen, DHS secretary: Border wall more than a physical barrier

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen said the border wall is more than just a physical barrier.

“It’s really three components — it’s the physical barrier, it’s the technology and then it’s the personnel,” Ms. Nielsen said in a Fox News interview that aired Thursday.

She was down at the U.S-Mexican border with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade for the interview and showed parts of the border fence that currently exist and the problems with the structure.

Ms. Nielsen said that the main point President Trump said to her when she was appointed was to build the wall, but so far congressional Democrats have threatened to withhold any funding relating to the wall.

“I also find it really confusing because as you know in 2006, we had a bill, the Secure Fence Act, that was largely bipartisan that would’ve done just this,” she said, referring to the Trump administration’s plan for the border wall.

Ms. Nielsen said that the conversation about the border focuses around illegal immigration without considering the other people who also come into the country through these areas.

“You can’t forget, it’s criminals, it’s traffickers, it’s smugglers, it’s special interest aliens. It’s all the same pathways,” she said.