Pres. Trump Accuses Dems Of Wanting To Protect Illegals Over Americans

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In this Aug. 11, 2017, photo U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents pick up immigrants suspected of crossing into the United States illegally along the Rio Grande near Granjeno, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

December 9, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump accuses democrats of wanting to protect illegal immigrants over those who are in the U.S. legally.

President Trump says everybody who serves in elected office should agree – the highest priority is the safety of Americans.

During his weekly address, the President called for an end to sanctuary cities, which are jurisdictions protecting illegals from federal immigration laws.

He pointed to the recent acquittal of an illegal who shot Kate Steinle, saying he was protected by state and local officials in San Francisco.

The President adds that the illegal immigrant is a seven time convicted felon, who had been deported five times, but was free to harm innocent Americans because leaders in Washington refuse to protect U.S. borders.

He calls the death of Kate Steinle is a tragedy that was entirely preventable, and accuses democrats of putting the safety of illegals over the safety of Americans.

The President says they’re willing to risk a government shutdown because of it.

“Our cities should be sanctuary for Americans, not for criminal aliens. unfortunately, democrats in congress not only oppose our efforts to stop illegal immigration, and crackdown on sanctuary cities,” said the President. “Now they are demanding amnesty as a condition for funding the government, holding troop funding hostage, and putting our national security at risk.”

The President also said he mourns for American families who will have empty seats at Christmas this year, because federal immigration laws were not enforced in various states and cities.

He adds nobody should be separated from their family and friends because of preventable crime committed by those illegally in the U.S.