Richard Blumenthal: Leaving out Russia during Donald Trump’s daily briefing is ‘very dangerous’

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Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Friday that reports of intelligence officials leaving out information about Russia so as not to upset President Trump is “very dangerous.”

“I’m certainly not comfortable with it. The president needs and deserves to face objective reality, which is Russia is a threat to our democracy,” Mr. Blumenthal, Connecticut Democrat, said on CNN.

A Washington Post report said Thursday that intelligence officials tend to tailor the daily briefings so they do not upset Mr. Trump and sidetrack the conversation. Sometimes, the officials said, they’ll write up the report and leave it for the president to read, or mention it toward the end of the meeting.

“The fact that the intelligence briefers are failing to provide the president with an objective and comprehensive view of the world simply because he’s infuriated by the suggestion that Russia supported him in the last election, and may have contributed to his victory, is very, very dangerous,” Mr. Blumenthal said.