Audit Finds VA Department Incorrectly Recorded Wait Times for Veterans in 2017

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OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 6:45 AM PT — Wed. March 13, 2018

The Veterans Affairs Department is facing sharp criticism as it, once again, deals with how long veterans are waiting for health care.

An internal audit published Tuesday shows the agency incorrectly recorded wait times last year, resulting in false public reports.

The sign in the front of the headquarters building at the Department of Veteran Affairs is seen as a man walks past in Washington. (Photo/REUTERS/Larry Downing)

The inaccurate data led to patients even being deemed ineligible for the Choice Program.

The VA has been under fire since 2014 when news broke vets died waiting for care at the medical center in Phoenix.

It launched a national scandal, ousting the VA secretary and triggering hearings on Capitol Hill.

President Trump has stayed firm on his promise to clean-up the VA, most recently with an accountability bill passed by Congress last summer.

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