At Least 18 Dead, 90 Injured After Mosque Explosion in Baghdad

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OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 7:03 AM PT — Thurs. June 7, 2018

At least 18 people are dead and more than 90 are wounded after a stockpile of weapons explodes at a mosque in Iraq.

The incident took place Wednesday in Baghdad’s Sadr City while the explosive devices were reportedly being transferred to a car parked nearby.

Local residents and officials searched the rubble for survivors.

People look for missing victims after explosions in Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday, June 6, 2018. Iraqi security officials say a pair of explosions has ripped through a mosque in a mostly Shiite district in Baghdad, killing and wounding civilians including children. (AP Photo/Ali Abdul Hassan)

A ministry spokesperson initially described the event as a terrorist attack against civilians, but authorities have since retracted that statement.

Security forces are now investigating why weapons were being stored in the mosque.

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