Border Patrol Searches Illegal Underground Tunnel

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UPDATED 6:12 AM PT — Tues. June 5, 2018

The Border Patrol recently rediscovered an underground tunnel spanning across the U.S. and Mexico border in San Diego.

Border agents took reporters to the underground network Monday, which were most commonly used to smuggle drugs and illegals into the U.S.

(Photo/U.S. Customs and Border Control via AP)

The tunnel has been shutdown twice. It was first discovered back in 2013, and most recently was shutdown again in 2017.

“There’s a demand on this side, there’s a supply on the south side, so you’ve got the basic financial things checked off,” explained Lance Lenoir, U.S. Border Patrol Operations Officer. “Wherever there’s infrastructure to the south, and by that I mean commercial warehouses, homes, yards or whatever, anywhere to get from point A to point B in stealth, put it in a truck and then blend in with the 80,000 other vehicles that we see on a daily basis out here.”

Back in 2016, ICE seized seven tons of marijuana and a ton of cocaine through a tunnel in the same area.

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