Cuban Government Releases Statement On Health Incident Involving U.S. Official

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OAN Newsroom

June 10, 2018

The Cuban government addresses what could possibly be one of the latest bizarre health incidents involving U.S. embassy staff.

Cuba’s Foreign Ministry revealed it was informed by the U.S. that on May 29 a female worker reported experiencing health symptoms, after hearing undefined sounds in her home two days earlier, in a statement released Sunday.

Cuban investigators were sent to the home, but did not find the possible source of a sound and were not granted access to the U.S. official.

This comes after U.S. officials said two workers had been taken out of the country and were undergoing testing for possible brain injuries.

Meanwhile several U.S. diplomats and staff members in China have come down with a similar sound related illness, prompting a partial evacuation of the American consulate in China.

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