Report: WH to Call on Latin American Nations to Ban Venezuela From OAS

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OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 8:20 AM PT – Sat. June 2, 2018

The Trump administration is expected to call on several Latin American countries, to ban Venezuela from the Organization of American States.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence addresses the Organization of American States at the OAS headquarters in Washington, U.S. May 7, 2018 REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque – HP1EE571EFDOD

That’s according to a new report Friday, saying Vice President Mike Pence will make the announcement during a conference with Caribbean and Latin American allies this week.

More than 30 nations are expected to meet in DC Monday and Tuesday, with the main topic of discussion being Venezuela.

The organization is expected to vote on kicking the socialist country out of the OAS, despite Venezuela announcing it would start the two year process of withdrawing last year.

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